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Universal Account Number (UAN). If you’re an employee in one of the company, you have a UAN number. But sometimes don’t have a UAN number. During this time the employee must follow the below steps. If know your UAN status just follow the step by step process.

Let us see how to find know your UAN status?

Open the same as below window

know your uan status

Step by step process

  1. Open UAN member portal website:
  2. Or visit know you’re UAN status:
  3. In case, visit uan member portal. left said bottom link on click “know your uan status”
  4. Display same as above fig.
  5. Now, Select Enter Member ID, then select state, select office, enter a region, office, Est Id, Est Ext, and member ID
  6. In case you don’t have a Member Id go to select another option.
  7. The next option is AADHAAR Card. In thr field enter aadhaar number.
  8. If in case AADHAAR also not available, select next option of PAN card.
  9. You should enter Pan number.
  10. Next, you will enter NAME and Date of Birth.
  11. Finally, enter the authentication, mobile number and email id.
  12. To enter the correct captcha.

Note: (*) mark is mandatory to enter fields.

Now you can click on Get Authorization PIN. In few minutes you will achieve pin number. In bellow bottom of blank, enter Pin number. Then you will receive a UAN number of mobile or email Id.

After receiving uan member you can go uan member portal. On the left side on uan login page, enter UAN number and password.  Then you will check all details about in uan.

What is UAN?

UAN means Universal Account Number. It’s maintained by Epfo. EPFO stands Employement Provident Fund. This is an organization. EPFO total mountain labor ministry of home. In this organization was founded in 1952. Establishment time provides PF accounts for employees. With time lower employees there are no problems occur. But now a days lot of people working and a lot of people contribute money in PF. So EPFO provide so many PF accounts. The employee job switching time our PF withdrawal compulsory. Hence, provided benefits mis. So Epfo launched UAN. It works multiple PF on one number that is Universal Account number. It has 12-digits of numeric numbers.


  • Switch multiple PF accounts
  • Do the download passbook without employer help.
  • Generate UAN card
  • Check Online UAN claim status and transfer claim status.
  • View transfer money history