uan claim status and transfer claim status

uan means universal account number. It is issued by epfo. Uan number use to directly access to epf details. You will check uan claim status and transfer claim status through the unified portal.

Online UAN claim status – how to use the facility?

Online check uan claim status facility available only for EPF Members/Subscribers/Pensioners. If employees want to claim of epf status, employees must register in uan member portal. Every Employee have pf number in the payslip. Employees pf number use to generate uan number.

UAN-Member claim settlement forms

  1. Final settlement PF (Form 19)
  2. Pension withdrawal PF (Form10-C)
  3. Member directly PF part withdrawal (Form31)

Important requirements for filing Online Claims

  • Universal Account Number must be check activation and mobile number.
  • Members mandatory update AADHAAR card.
  • Members can update Bank account number and IFSC code.
  • PF final settlement check claim status PAN card, in case employee  service is less than 5 years.

Eligibility for services provide Advance parts

  1. Service Eligibility 60Years To take advance, Housing Loan / Purchase of Site / House / Flat or for construction / addition (Para 68B (b) /(c))
  2. Lockout or closure of factory (Para 68H) – Service Eligibility (0)
  3. Illness of member / family (Para 68J) – Service Eligibility (0)
  4. Marriage of self/son/daughter /brother/sister (Para 68K) – Service Eligibility (84)
  5. Post matriculation education of children (Para 68K) – Service Eligibility (84)
  6. Natural Calamity (Para 68L) – Service Eligibility (0)
  7. Cut in electricity in establishment (Para 68M) – Service Eligibility (0)
  8. Purchasing equipment by physically handicapped (Para 68N) –  Service Eligibility (0)
  9. One year before retirement (Para 68NN) –  Service Eligibility (Above 54 years)
  10. Investment in Varistha Pension Bima Yojana (Para 68NNN) – Service Eligibility ( Above 55 years)

Know your UAN status

  • Visit:
  • Click to know your uan status
  • Now show a new page of know your uan status
  • First, you will enter knowing member ID or AADHAAR card number or PAN card number
  • Then Enter Name and Date of Birth
  • As well as enter a valid mobile number and E-mail id.
  • Finally, Generate pin and submit
  • You will receive uan number.

Generate Password or recover Password

  • Visit same as above website portal
  • Then click on forgot password
  • Now enter uan number, correct captcha and submit.
  • You will get a pin number in authorized mobile number. This pin submit and re-enter password.
  • This password and uan number use to login in member portal

In case uan account not active

  • Visit
  • Following click on UAN activation
  • Enter UAN or member ID or Aadhaar or PAN
  • Then enter Name and Date of Birth
  • Same as valid mobile number and email id.
  • Finally, enter the correct  captcha.
  • Click Get Authorization Pin and submit.
  • Now activate your uan number.

Online claim status and transfer claim status using Unified portal

If you want to check uan claim status or transfer claim status. You must registered unified portal. You know uan member and password, follow these steps.

  1. Visit:

uan member portal

  • Show same as above page
  • At right said login page is available.
  • Now enter UAN and password, captcha.
  • Until click on sign in button.

Same open below page track online claim status and transfer claim status

uan claim status

  • As a result below page online claim status and transfer claim status
  • In case you would not claim or transfer your pf show same above page.

  • In case you should claim or transfer Epf show below page

uan claim status

The Employee can check claim status in online any time any where. This is a simple process to check or transfer details.