uan activation process simple steps and guidance, unified member portal

In UAN activation process. UAN is provided by an employee working company. Each company receives some money in the employee’s salary and Pf in the form of EPFO. Before the UAN web portal pf numbers were given a pf number where the company changed. This pf is the claim at a company change time. But when UAN arrives, a company gives you the opportunity to use the pf number in any company. An employee can transfer pf number to a different company. Or withdrew. You can claim and withdraw enough money from the provident fund.

Let’s see UAN Activation process

You must have a UAN number before activating UAN. This gives the company. If you do not have UAN number, you should know the member ID or the AADHAAR card number, or you should know the pan card number. The employee can activate a universal account number (UAN).

uan activation

UAN Activation step by step process

  1. Visite UAN login page:                                              or UAN Activation page:
  2. If you know UAN Number click on the button and enter it.
  3. You want to select “Enter Member ID” know the details of state and office, region, office, Est Id, Est Ext, Member Id. These all are entered in the blanks.
  4. The employee doesn’t have UAN and Member ID.  You can choose AADHAAR option and enter AADHAAR Number.
  5. You don’t have UAN, Member ID, AADHAAR. Now you should able to select PAN option and enter PAN number.
  6. Now, Enter Name.
  7.  And also enter Date of Birth.
  8. Enter authorization mobile number. ( Because OTP will be sent in mobile number.)
  9.  Entered correct email Id.
  10. Finally, enter the correct captcha.

Note:- (*) mark is mandatory to fill in the blanks.

Hence, hit the button on “Get Authentication pin” when you’re hit on the button in few minutes got the message on an authorized mobile number. In this message have OTP number.

Now, Enter bottom of the page blank box and submit it.

Until Display on page successfully UAN activation.