Do you know EPF balance? One missed call to get details

Will you contribute PF? Do you have to know your EPF balance? However, Missed call to 001122901406. It is toll-free. When you will miss the call to the toll-free number in a few minutes to get PF details. But you are  doing only register mobile number. Don’t have a registered mobile number or missing SIM or Not working SIM. You need to change the mobile number next do. Mobile Number change before must have UAN number and password. You don’t have UAN and password generate, hence, change mobile number. Do you know UAN number and password, follow bellow details.

What is UAN (Universal Account number)?

UAN means universal account number. UAN provided by Epfo. It is the largest organization. It works and dedicated by employees. This will make future plans of employees. So many services provide for employees. UAN number work like umbrellas. It has multi PF accounts and 12 digits numerical numbers.  This is the unique number. One employee has only one UAN number.

How to get UAN number?

First of all you will check PF money detecting or nor in salary. In case not detecting salary. Now ask  your employer. After, you will get UAN number, you have a member ID or not. you will generate UAN number. You follow the bellow steps.

  1. Visit unified member portal
  2.  Click Link “know your UAN status
  3.  You are entering Member ID or Aadhaar number or PAN in convenience.
  4. Select Member ID then Select a state, Offiece, Region, office, EST Id, EST Ext, Member Id.
  5. Following, Name, Date of Birth.
  6. And enter a registered mobile number, authorized email ID.
  7. Enter shown correct captcha.
  8. Click Get Authorization PIN.

Now, you will get Pin number and then subimt. After you will receive a UAN number in your mobile number or mail ID.

How to get password or re-set password?

You want to access UAN account must have UAN number and password. You don’t have the password. It can’t access UAN account. Don’t remember password or don’t have a password, follow the below steps.

  • Visit Unified member portal.
  • Click on “Forgot password
  • Show new display for change password or generate a password.
  • Enter UAN
  • And and correct captcha
  • Then submit.

You have received Pin number in registered mobile number. Then submit. Now enter the New password and again enter the same password and sumbit. After you are login to new password.

How to Register mobile number and change mobile number?

Every employee must register a mobile number. Because, It is used to find out PF balance details. If you want to register mobile number, you will follow below steps.

  1. Visit unified mobile number
  2. Enter UAN and password
  3. And correct captch
  4. Then click login button.

Shown new display of employee details.

In the menu bar, click follow buttons, Manage → Contact details.

epf balance


  • Same as above, page display.
  • Now click the box Change Mobile No.
  • Enter new mobile number
  • And Re-enter mobile number
  • Then click Get Authorization Pin

Now you will receive the Pin number on the registered mobile number and then submit. You will get a success message on display.

How to Register Email ID and change the Email ID?

If you want to mail alerts, you can register Email id. After registering mail id not working, then you will change mail id at any time. You can register or change Email id. Now follow the below steps.

  • epf balance  Visit UAN member portal or unified member portal
  • Login into unified member portal
  • Show menu bar, click buttons, Manage → Contact details.
  • Click to change mail Id.
  • Enter New Email id
  • And Re-enter Email id.
  • Then click Get Authorization Pin and submit pin.

You will receive a pin number in mobile number or mail id. Then submit it. Display success message.

Missed calls to get PF balance details

If you can registered mobile number, you will avail this facility. Get PF details only registered mobile number. Employees convenience to check Epf balance.  Miss call 001122901406 this number you will get Epf balance details. This is Toll-free number.

Mobile number registered benefits

  • Give miss Call Toll-Free: 001122901406 to get employee EPF balance details.
  • Get Monthly SMS alerts
  • Online claim status alerts
  • Balance transfer alerts available etc…




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