Direct link of online aadhaar verified UAN allotment

Online Aadhaar verified UAN allotment

EPFO (Employee provident fund organization) provided a lot of services all usage for employees. Every Employee must switching all PF accounts in UAN (universal account number).  Online Aadhaar verified UAN allotment. Employees changing some time our jobs. In This situation every company provide various PF accounts. So switching all PF accounts. And one more thing is must activate UAN. After uan activation link aadhaar card.

Now a days Aadhaar link is mandatory. Direct link of online aadhaar verified UAN allotment.  Direct UAN allotment to any citizen at unified portal.

  1. UAN is mandatory for PF contribution  employees.
  2. UAN generated by employer. But before filling ECR form.
  3. Now UAN generated based on Aadhaar card. So must attach aadhaar.

In this below steps follow to easily Online Aadhaar verified UAN allotment.

Step 1: Now open the Unified Member portal website. On the login page click on ‘ Online Aadhaar verified UAN allotment‘ link.

UAN allotment

Step 2: Now, Display same as below page. Enter Employee Aadhaar number and click the button ‘ Generate OTP’.

Step 3: After OTP send on registered mobile number with aadhaar.

UAN allotment

Step 4: Then enter OTP and click submit button.

Step 5: Now Fill all details about employees and submit. Before enable OTP. (*) This mark indicate mandatory fill details

UAN allotment

Step 6: Now Click the registered button, Before entering the correct captcha and select. when clicking the “Register” button the UAN will be allotted.

UAN allotment

After UAN allotment activate your UAN

  1. Open unified member portal website.
  2. In bellow login page available ‘UAN Activation‘ link and click
  3. Now Fill employees bellow details.
  1. UAN (universal account number)/Enter member ID/AADHAAR/PAN
  2. Employee name
  3. date of birth
  4. Mobile number
  5. Email ID
  6. Finally, Enter correct display captcha.
  7. Click on ‘Get Authorization Pin”

Now you have received OTP on registered mobile number/Entered mobile number. Then submit OTP and click on bellow button. After submitting OTP display success full activate uan.

You don’t have UAN password?

Open uan member portal website and click on ‘forgot password’ . Now, enter UAN and captha then submit. You have received OTP on registered mobile number. After submit uan and captcha. Popup new window enter OTP and new password submit. your password was reset.

UAN activated after logged in UAN

Aadhaar based UAN allotted after complete UAN activation. Now you are account is ready to open. Open UAN member portal login page enter UAN and password. Now click on ‘sign in’. Your uan account open.

Now you see all UAN details.




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