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UAN means universal account number. UAN is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Government of India. An employee has to change the job in some cases. At that time each company gave one PF number. This causes many PF numbers to cause problems. Thus, the UAN member portal has been created for employees without any problems. This means that any employee has the same number of companies that have changed. That same universal account number. Also, with the arrival of the UAN portal, the employee was able to pf withdrawal and make it easier to retract. Every employee is responsible for knowing how to woke pf, EPFO, UAN, portals.

Now let’s see how to work UAN member portal.

UAN– Universal Account Number, The UAN member portal has UAN login page, UAN Activation page and knows your UAN.

Complete details of UAN portal,

The following is a UAN member portal website.

Visit UAN member portal: –

uan member portal

UAN Activation: 

UAN member activation Before activating UAN Number, you need to open UAN member portal. Left said bottom has UAN activation link. If you click on the UAN activation page it will be displayed. You must have either UAN number or member ID or AADHAAR or PAN card number. Also enter, the name, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, and captcha must be filled. Finally, click on AuthorizationPin button. Then PIN comes in minutes. Now enter and submit it, After submitting UAN number will be activated.

Reset UAN password

If you want to log in to the UAN member portal, you also need a password along with UAN number. In case employee forgot her uan password quickly recover with uan member portal website. If the employee does not have a password, we cannot log in.

Know your UAN Status

If you want to know uan account number, open uan website and click on your UAN status. It must enter a member ID or AADHAAR or PAN. You must enter the name, date of birth and mobile number, email ID, and enter the captcha and click on Get Authorization pin. Now get OTP. If this OTP submits, your mobile number will be the universal account number.

UAN Login:-

If you want to log in to the UAN member portal, you must have a universal account number (UAN) and have a valid password. The employee must first activate the UAN number. The employee will be logged in to UAN login. After you will check profile details, uan claim status, transfer claim status.

What are the facilities given UAN Member Portal?

The UAN member portal only uses employee frednly portal.

  • It’s available Download Passbook.
  • Generate and Download UAN Card
  • Show list Previous Member IDs
  • Update KYC Details
  • Check eligibility for online transfer claim
  • Edit personal details
  • Available, Claim (Form-31, 19& 10C)
  • Transfer Request
  • Track clime status

How to get UAN card and print?

UAN card available in unified member portal. You want to uan card, you must have uan number and password and logged into uan login. Then after getting uan card. You have uan and password just go to member portal and login into member portal. Click on uan card then will generate uan card. As above download and print link available, click and get uan card.

Required Upload KYC documents following bellow.

1. National Population Register (NPR)
3. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
4. Bank Account Number with IFSC
5. Passport
6. Driving License
7. Election Card
8. Ration Card
9. ESIC Card (Being introduced shortly)

What are the Benefits of upload KYC documents?

Upload KYC documents After get following benefits.

  • Simple withdrawal of PF account
  • You can get monthly SMS alerts of PF account
  • Account transparency facility available
  • Online claim facility available.

Let us see how to link Aadhaar card with uan account

Every employee has Pf number in the payslip. In this Pf number provide company employer. uan number generated by the employer along with Pf number. uan and password used to update Aadhaar card. Just below steps follow to update your Aadhaar card number.

  • Open unified member portal or uan member portal
  • Then enter uan and password.
  • As well as entering show captha.
  • Now click on the sign in button.
  • After show new page.
  • On this page show → Manage →Contact Details → KYC
  • Click on KYC,
  • Finally, open KYC Update page.
  • Enter Aadhaar number in filed.
  • Until, click on update button.

In few seconds show the success message.

When will you update Aadhar card? Your account easily access. After updating Aadhar card you will transfer money automatically. As well as transferring Pf account previous company to s new company.

How to update Bank Account in uan member?

You can update bank account and directly transfer claim money. Now you have to open uan member portal. Then enter uan number, password and captcha in the login page. Click on sign in button. Display new window. On this page available links → Manage → Contact Details → KYC. After you click KYC link open new page. After show proved kyc application. In the first column, write name and bank account number and Ifsc code. Page bottom show updates button click. In few seconds display success.

What are use of FORM-11 and how to fill it?

It is a declaration form of employer future reference. The Employees taken by  the establishment on EPF Scheme, 1952 and/or EPS, 1995 is applicable. Every employee needs to submit declaration form11. Employees must  submit  declaration form of a new organization, it is basic information about the employee.

In this bellow information mandatory fill up every employee

  • Name of the member
  • Father Name or Spouse’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender (Mail/Femail/Transgender)
  • Marital status (Married/Unmarried/Widower/Divorcee)
  • Email Id and mobile number
  • Do you have UAN member and Pf account number fill Other wise tick No.
  • Are you an international worker? Yes/No
  • Country name
  • Passport No. Validity date
  • KYC document attached with form11
    • Bank account no &ifsc code
    • Aadhaar number
    • PAN
  • Enter date and place finally sign.

EPF transfer

Why to transfer Provident Fund? How to use old pf to new pf transfer? Employees working some organization so many years. They are changing place or convenient place. Employees transfer one place to other places so this time pf account close in privies years but EPFO provided pf account transfer online web sites. EPFO providing websites uan member portal, unified member portal, unified mobile app. epfo indian, and etc,

Employment Provident Fund Organization provide two ways to transfer PF. 1. Offline EPF transfer and 2. Online EPF transfer.

Offline EPF transfer process

In the offline process employees have to go employers or near EPFO office and take PF transfer application form. Then fill up all details and submit near EPF office or Employer. When your submit application date to 15days after completing. To transfer money.

Transfer PF Funds using Unified member portal

PF amount transfer or withdrew before you will check KYC and mobile number, email ID, update or not. If you are update continue process otherwise first update KYC, mobile number, Email ID.

  1. Now Open unified member portal website
  2. And enter UAN and Password.
  3. After login you will click on online services> Transfer requst.
  4. Then open new window. step 1: select details of previous accounts(which are to be transferred)
  5. Click radio button of previous Employer or Present Employer
  6. To generate Member ID in required format click GET MID
  7. And member ID/UAN enter mandatory.
  8. Now click on Get details. In few seconds you will receive OTP in registered mobile number
  9.  Until, Open last step authenticate OTP and submit.
  10. Finally you will receive successful message. After completing process print details and sing and submitted in employer or EPFO office. You will be transfer PF with in 10 Days.

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